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Traffic and accommodation problems are increasing and the government should encourage businesses to move from cities to rural areas. Do the advantages outweigh the disadvantages

Reported in Exam July 2021

Model Answer:

Owing to the fact that accommodation and congestion related problems are mushrooming day by day. It is being suggested that government should motivate some business houses to migrate their businesses to the countryside. Acc to my perspective, the pros of this trend outshine its cons.

One of the major advantage of moving companies from urban to rural areas is that it will be a big step in declining the congestion on the roads as the flow of traffic will be diverted to countryside areas which makes the traffic visibly less on the urban roads. Also, traffic arises due to scarcity of parking spaces is expected to resolve as there are sufficient spaces in the outer areas to build parking lots which can accommodate vehicles thus resolving the issue.

Moving ahead , the other bewitching aspect of the trend would be that setting up companies in rural areas raise the living standards of the people as these organizations would provide job opportunities according to the capabilities. Thus, encouraging business to move from urban to rural area s by the government would ultimately contribute towards the economic development of the villages.

Moving ahead , the other bewitching aspect of the trend would be that setting up companies in rural areas will marginally decrease the housing problems where in urban areas  the people are forced to live in small apartments , the countryside are more open and spacious thus arranging living spaces or building houses at affordable rates would not be a major concern which eventually let the people stay nearby their workplaces instead commuting daily.

Contrary to this, the biggest drawback of this shift is that this would create the situation of inconvenience because the employees who reside in cities have to travel long distance to reach at their respective workplaces that are being moved from cities.

To conclude, there are more advantages of this trend than its disadvantages acc to my perception.     Therefore, government should keep in mind both these aspects in order the reap the maximum benefits of this concept.

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