Recent IELTS Cue card Topics 2022

Describe a person you follow on social media.

  • Who the person is 
  • What he/ she is famous for 
  • How long do you know him/ her
  • Why do you like him/ her

Model Answer:

  1. There is no doubt that nowadays it has become trend to  follow celebrities  on social media. i follow many persons on social media who motivates me to learn something new.
  2. However, today I would like to talk about Anmol kwatra who is a social worker.
  3. Honestly speaking, I came to know about him when I was surfing on Facebook. I vividly remember that time he uploaded the video for donation with needy patient who was suffering with Cancer disease When I opened his account, I found there were many videos regarding the patients help.
  4. Moreover, he is just 25 years  and running his NGO for helping the patients in Punjab and many other states of the India. He posts many videos to ask the people for donation, so his NGO may save maximum people’s life.
  5. He usually say Social media is really powerful which may save the many lives.
  6. Apart from this, he was awarded by many Institutions as well as local government for his noble cause.
  7. The main reason to follow him on social media is that his videos motivate me alot to do something for humanity

Discussion Questions

1. What can people do on socia, media?
People can use social media to keep in touch with friends and family. People can also follow celebrities and see what’s going on in their lives. People can even look for career opportunities on social media. Business owners can advertise their products and increase their sales through social
media. People can post videos about their talents like dancing, singing, etc. on social media. People can find new friends and connect with like-minded people on social media. People can learn new Skills like cooking, gardening, art on social media.

2. Do you think older people and younger people will use the same kind of social media software? 
No, younger people prefer the newer Instagram, TikTok, Snapchat platforms. These are new apps, and their short viral videos are very popular among youth. Younger people rapidly adapt to these new apps, use them for a few years, and then may move to something new next whereas older people
are still mainly using Facebook, youtube and WhatsApp, etc.

3. Do older people spend much time on social media?
Older people have started to use more social media but mainly for keeping in touch with family and friends. Their children are busy with their families and jobs and there is less face-to-face interaction these days. They can get lonely, so they mainly use it for passing the time when they are bored.

4. Are non-social media like television and newspapers still useful?
It is true that the popularity of non-social media like TV and newspaper has declined a bit but they are still very useful. Many people in the world don’t have internet access and rely on TV and newspapers for news. The older generation also prefers this form of media. Also, TV and newspaper
are much more reliable than social media where anyone can post anything. There is a lot of fake news on social media that vulnerable people tend to believe.

1. Describe a cafe you like to visit

In today’s scenario, copious number of cafe can be encountered in every nook and corner of my city but out of all my favorite is cafe coffee day popularly known as CCD. It is situated at a stone’s throw from my house. This cafe possesses awesome reputation by virtue of the balmy staff which it entails. The waiters recruited in this cafe are very affable and lend their cars to the demand of visitors. 

Moreover, the ambience of this place is highly bewitching as it is bedecked by white lilies which are the symbol  of tranquility. The rates prevalent in this cafe are cheap and cheerful which suit every one’s pocket. It is very spacious and the music system is of superior quality. The soothing music is always being played which adds to its attraction. Additionally, myriad type of erotic mocktails are available in this cafe along with a remarkable coffee. The side orders comprise of plethora of hygenic & healthy sandwiches which are the hallmark of this cafe. I often visit it as it provides me relaxation, recreation & rejuvenation. The central locality of this cafe in the city aids it to have an edge over other coffee shop existing in Amritsar. So, because of all these favourable features, CCD is the most preferred cafe where I love to go frequently.

Discussion Questions

1. What kind of people would like to go to a cafe?

I think people who enjoy drinking tea and coffee are those that don’t have time to make them or can’t make them at home due to some mason. Certain people also visit to study there or work there when they are unable to do so at home.

2. Why do young people like studying in a cafe instead of at home?

I think it’s because of the atmosphere. Moreover, there are so many distractions at home. Adults prefer cafes because they might be tied down by household chores at home.
3. Do old people like to drink coffee?

I think age has nothing to do with liking coffee or not. But I think drinking coffee does affect sleep as it contains caffeine, so people who have sleep issues do avoid coffee.
4. Do Indian people like to drink coffee?

We are a nation of tea drinkers mainly. But many youngsters and teenagers like to drink coffee too nowadays. In my house as well, nearly all of us have tea, but only my sister and I drink coffee.

2. Describe a town or city where you would like to live in the future. • Where is it? • How you know about this city? • What it is famous for? • Why you would like to live there

Every person wish to live in a place of his/ her dreams. My wish list contains lots of travel destinations but the one where I would like to stay permanently and is on the top of my list is Brampton- it is a city in the Canada province.

 I heard a lot and also explored about the life in Brampton. The enthusiastic culture of the city makes it attractive and a glorious place to live in. It is one of the fastest growing cities in Canada. There is a massive opportunities of job and work. In addition , Brampton is a home to rich and culturally diverse population that comes from various part of the world particularly the region from where I belong. Living in this city is less expensive than other nearby destinations hence these makes this city that affordable. Another considerable reason is the weather in Brampton, unlike other regions in Ontario, is not prone to extremes. It is a prime spot when it comes to reaching other places that are way more expensive. For the extra-curricular activities it has got lots of Art Galleries, Museums, Parks, sight-seeing. 

One thing that Brampton has as it, is does have a lot of strong sectors such as logistics, communications, and retail to name a few among others. Which are under constant development that assures new jobs all the time, and gives you a better chance of finding a job. Above all, these are less polluted and populated city that makes it a preferred living destinations.

Discussion Questions

1. What are some popular attractions that people like to visit in your country?
India is a huge country and it has a long cultural history. As such, there are a lot of tourist attractions that people like to visit. These include shrines, forts, parks, restaurants, and museums. Every place has its own popular attractions. In Punjab, the popular ones are Golden Temple, Science City Kapurthala, Rose Garden, Sukhna Lake, and so on.
2. Do old people and young people like to go to different places for vacation?
Both yes and no. There are places that both young and old people like to go to, but then there are also places which are preferred by the young or the old. For example, old people prefer going to religious places. Young people love to go to beaches and places with adventure sports, but old people are less keen on going to such places because it requires a lot of physical exertion, which their bodies might not be able to handle.
3. What old people and young people think about when making travel plans?
I think old people care more about comfort. Their main purpose is to relax, while young people think about recreational activities like adventure sports. That is why there is a significantly higher proportion of old people on cruises.
4. How do people get to know about new places?
I think the internet is a vast hub of knowledge about places. There is information about each and every place on the internet. Then, people can also come to know about new places from their friends and family. I have also learnt about new places from movies and TV series.

2. Describe a bag you want to own

Bag is considered as an everyday essential item which also represents the status that compliments the outfits, especially for the women. I have got a huge collection of different types of bags in my wardrobe. But I would like to mention here about a bag which I still have a great wish to buy is a handbag of brand “Caprese” in my all-time favourite white colour. 

I saw this bag in a shopping mall located at a stone’s throw my house in the caprese store. I was stunned to see the beauty of the bag which is embellished with the golden stones all over it mixed with golden combination with a buckle of pink in the middle made it truly a masterpiece. I like to carry the sling bags and it has different kind of adjustment straps to make it longer or shorter. The item comes with an additional small purse for carrying a mobile phone or currency. I was looking for such a combination for a long time but this catches my eye. Though just looking at it I was craving to get it but all my enthusiasm went down when I looked at the price tag showing 500 dollars which were way more than my budget. 

But I didn’t feel bad about it, as I decided neither I will ask for money from my parents nor borrow from a friend because I desire to get it and it is still in my mind and since that time I have started collecting and saving a bit more in order to get that thing for myself in next couple of months and I am sure I will surely get it. These kinds of small little happiness keep the person going.

Discussion Questions

  1. Why do you think women like to buy bags?

Women like to buy bags because they are convenient and let them carry their makeup, keys, credit cards, etc. safely. Also, women consider bags a style statement and it helps them complete their overall look. Some women like to buy the latest in trend bags and coordinate their bags with their outfits.

  1. Is the backpack more convenient in life?

Yes, backpacks allow you to be comfortable and hands-free. They don’t put much strain on the body and can be easily carried for hours.

  1. Why are some people willing to buy expensive bags?

Some people are willing to buy expensive bags because they are made from good materials and last longer. Some people buy expensive designer bags because they associate them with status and like to flaunt them in front of friends and relatives.

  1. In the future, what changes will bags have?

Bags made from canvas, faux leather (vegan leather) will gain more popularity as more and more people will realize that mankind is harming animals to harvest leather.Bags will also become more practical in the future and convertible bags that go from handbag to backpack to shoulder bag will be more common.

  1. Why do children need to carry a uniform schoolbag?

Schools want all students to look the same and thus require similar school bags. Requiring everyone to look uniform leads to better academic performance and enhances student discipline. Children need school bags to keep their books and personal belongings in an organized manner.

Describe an exciting book that you enjoy reading

I am fervid reader of books and I have read plethora of books till now belonging to different categories like non-fiction and fiction. Out of all, my favorite book is the one written by Khushwant Singh and name of the book is unpredictable life. 

This novel is about the life of 3 siblings who fight badly. Owing to their quarrels and arguments on tiny issue they had developed immense level to hatred and enemity in their hearts for each other. Even their parents were highly frustrated to see this lack of affinity and value for each other. One day all of them were going out of town for some work, abruptly the car which was moving ahead of theirs went out of control and hit the banyan tree, going to rack and ruin.  They immediately halted on the side of the road to assist the passenger. They were shocked to witness the severe injury in his head and blood was flow quickly out immensely. They got the worst feeling of their life. When the helpless person died in front of their eyes on the spot. 

That moment acted like a turning point in their life which made them realize that life is a wonderful gift which is bestowed to us by god and it should be handled carefully. After this, there was a drastic change in them and they began to amuse each and every day of their life as if it’s the last. I have this novel recommended to me by my father as it gives the message that life is like an ice-cream and we should enjoy it before it melts.

Discussion Questions

1. Do you prefer books or movies?
I think movies can never capture the detail and the emotions that books can. So, I always prefer reading books to watching movies. But, then again, it’s not easy to find time to read books. So, sometimes I still watch movies.
2. Do you think it is important to read the book before watching the movie version of it?
No, not really. Some movie adaptations are really good. A lot of my friends haven’t read the Game of Throne series, but they still enjoyed the TV adaptation. Ultimately, it’s the person’s preference and availability of time.
3. Do boys and girls like the same kinds of books?
I have seen some differences in the magazines boys and girls read. For example, I have seen a lot of girls reading fashion magazines and very rarely in the case of boys. However, in the case of books, 1 don’t think there is any particular difference.
4. What kind of books do Indian people like to read?
I think reading preference doesn’t depend upon nationality. It depends upon personal preference and the book itself. For example, Harry Potter is famous all over the world, because it is a fabulous book. I think it was meant for children, but I have seen a lot of adults calling themselves Potterheads.

3. Describe a law on environmental protection - What it is - How you first learned about it - Who benefits from it - And explain how you feel about this law

Our environment has a major role to play in the survival of mankind. The environment or surroundings we live in determines the quality of our health and well-being. I first read about this law in my high school in the science subject which describes the complete lesson on environment. There have been numerous laws that our government authorities have implemented in order to curb its depletion. One such an important law on environment that has been made which can be the biggest legislative initiative to stop or slow down the logging of trees caused by the conversion of forestlands to residential or non-forest purposes such as agricultural lands, or grazing lands, or building of business or residential units.. As the forests are being cut at an alarming rate hence this Act was made in 1980 under which no State government can authorise such a conversion without getting the approval of Central government. This law has proved to be very successful initially as it works against the deforestation and forests conservation which plays an integral role in our biodiversity. It has benefitted to many species of flora and fauna which has forests as their natural habitat. There were strict regulations and penalties for the law-breakers hence There was seen a visible difference in the proportion of animals living in the natural environment along with that the deforestation has also seen a major decline. With the passage of time lots of amendments is being done in this Act. And now it is working to regenerate the forests by planting trees and increase the density of trees in the forests.

Discussion Questions

  1. Do you think this law is acceptable to the people?
    Yes, I think this law has been accepted well by the people of India. There is growing awareness about the environmental issues and Indians too are making their efforts to save and preserve the environment.
  2. Is there any situation wherein people may disobey the law?
    Yes, there are situations when people disobey the/this law. The main reasons for such laws not being followed by the people are personal profits/benefits and the convenience that they may have to give up.
  3. Do people like being a police officer in your country?
    Yes, many people in my country like being a police officer. Every year there are several people who take the tests to become a police officer. The competition that exists for such exams is a clear indicator that many people strive to become police officers and serve their country.
  4. What qualities should a police officer possess?
    A police officer should possess many qualities. He/she should be physically fit and active and should have a passion to serve the people and the Nation. Some other qualities are honesty, eagerness to search for the truth and bring justice to people, some skills like martial arts or other such combat skills to fight the criminals, courage, fearlessness, determination, and many more such qualities.
  5. Why some people prefer to be a lawyer?
    Some people prefer to be a lawyer because they want to ensure that everyone receives justice and is treated fairly by the law. They may have a desire to fight for others’ rights and ensure that everyone gets a fair chance to justify their actions. Some people choose this profession because of the prospects of earning money and fame.
  6. Should people be penalized when they use mobile phones while driving?
    These days vehicles are well equipped with a system wherein you can connect via Bluetooth to your mobile and you can be handsfree and still use your mobile but if a driver is talking or texting on the phone while driving he should be heavily penalized.
  7. Is kindness the most important quality of a police officer?
    No, kindness is certainly not the best quality of a Police Officer. A Police officer has to be honest, straightforward, and very curious while performing his duty. Unfortunately, we cannot afford to be very kind as the criminals may take advantage of the situation
  8. Do you think both men and women can be police officers?
    These days we are living in an egalitarian society so gender bias doesn’t hold ground in any profession. Every man and every woman is worthy of any profession. So both and men and women are equally capable of serving in the police department
  9. Do you think the police officers are paid too much?
    I think in the Western world police officers are paid well in accordance to their duties but in the developing countries their salaries do not match the work they do, they deserve better salaries. But I  do not agree that they are paid too much because they face too many dangers of life and limb while performing their services.

4. Speak about a skill that you can teach to someone

Skills play an indispensible role in the present world. There are many skills that are useful to

Developing strong communication skills is need of the hour as it helps in building a successful career. During this Covid-19 pandemic in 2020 I began to start teaching this important life skill to one my cousin who lives with us as we were all free at home during the lockdown and she was in the final semester of her undergraduate degree. Hence, she keeps on asking me for helping regarding her career that helps her succeed in life. So, while discussing about career one day I told her about this important life skill i.e. Communication skills then she insisted me to teach her about all. We divided the lessons into 30 days each day with different skill it started with the definition of communication skills x`

Effective Communication skills means passing the information from one person to another using variety of methods such as verbal, written, non-verbal. Though, mastering the skills requires time and lots of practice but soon with consistent practice and efforts once can possess this skill proficiently. In the 2nd week, I explained her about the importance of communication in a job interview which is one of the key factors to crack a job interview. I explained about speaking tone, grammatical accuracy, fluency, presenting ideas clearly and appropriately, maintaining and eye contact etc. as all of these are essential to have a healthy communication. We also did a demonstrations and role – plays activities to have the feel of real environment. Later, I also guided her about ways to improve her language skills because that how one can be a good communicator. I provided her with lots of e-tutorials and links of websites that can help her improving. Indeed, with the sheer hard work and determination in the period of 6 months she became proficient in this skill and was able to secure a very good job. She has been always thankful to me

Discussion Questions

  1. Should teachers be funny when they teach?

Yes, I think teachers should employ the use of humour while teaching. It lightens the class atmosphere and improves the relationship between students and teachers. In other words, students feel comfortable discussing their doubts and problems with the teachers. However, teachers must learn when to be strict, otherwise, it can impact the discipline in the classroom.

  1. What qualities should teachers have?

Firstly, I think the most important skill that teachers should have is good communication skills. They need to understand how to teach in simple words. Secondly, they should be good observers. They need to be able to pick up the fears and anxieties students have. Only then they can build their confidence. Finally, teaching is about patience. Teachers need to be ready to explain the concepts again and again if their students are facing any difficulty.

  1. Which do you think are more important practical skills or academic skills?

Practical skills and academic skills have their own importance. I think it depends upon the person’s profession. If a person wants to be a teacher, a lawyer, or anything in academics, they need to be an expert in academics. However, in other fields like business, communication skills etcetera, are more important.

  1. Which age group is the best age for learning?

I am a strong believer in the fact that there is no age for learning. We can learn anything at any age. And actually, I believe that we should keep learning new skills as it keeps the mind sharp and active.

4. • Describe a street market in your city

Street Markets are one of the best places that add charm to the city. It is one of the place with lots of hustle and bustle of hawkers and buyers. I think exploring a street market is more fun than checking out a shopping complex. I hail from Amritsar and there are lots of popular street markets but out of all here is the one I would like to mention that beats every other market. It is the “Heritage Market” also called Heritage walk. This is actually a very old market which has been recently revamped refurbished (renovated) as all the shop fronts has been given a more aesthetic and pleasing appearance to strengthen the Punjab’s tourist response as Amritsar is a famous tourist place known for Golden Temple hence millions of tourists from around the world visit here. This is market on the way to Golden Temple having more than 300 shops has been recently decorated to give a traditional look. It all looks amazing giving a look of an ancient market with a modern outlook. This market has many shops of traditional handicrafts,traditional clothes such as suit / salwar, punjabi jutti local traditional food street, and an open air theatre. Some of the shops are known for their finger licking food such as  Kulcha, Poorie Cholloy and some are famous for their desserts  such as jalebis(purified butter soaked in sweet sugar syrup) and all these things makes this Heritage walk the best place among all other.

Discussion Questions

  1. Do you like shopping online or going out for shopping?
    I do a mix of both. Sometimes I shop online if I get a good deal. Many sites such as Amazon, Flipkart and Snapdeal have good discounts.
  2. What is the difference between shopping with friends and shopping alone?
    It’s fun to go shopping with friends. You can discuss things and take each other’s advice. When I go with my parents, they cannot guide me about the clothes, which are in trend.
  3. What are the disadvantages of shopping in a big mall?
    In big malls, nobody guides you about any product. You have to use your own judgement. Secondly, you cannot get things on credit, which a small shopkeeper in your town would give you if he knows you. Another disadvantage is that mostly big malls are outside in the suburbs, and so it is only possible to go by your car.
  4. Why do people like to buy branded products?
    Brands are popular because they provide quality, good after sale service, and also provide status.
  5. In your opinion are big discounts real or just an advertisement?
    Big discounts are real in the case of branded products, but in most cases, they are just an eyewash. Sometimes, out-dated or defective pieces are sold by giving big discounts.

5. Describe a live sports match you have watched

Sports play an indispensable role in the life of all & sundry. Since ages, sports have been commendable source of relaxation, recreation & rejuvenation. There are plethora of sport activities which are played in my country but out of all, the one match which are worshipped in my country is the Cricket Match. I have special interest in watching this game and have been looking for a chance to watch it live for a very long time and last year fortunately and international Cricket match was held in my neighbouring city Mohali Stadiun which is at 80 km away so we reached there by car and my friend was able to arrange two tickets. I was super excited for this and I felt immense pleasure to watch my all-time favourite celebrity and cricketer i.e. Virat Kohli in the field in front of me He is an expert in this sport and I feel mesmerized when he delight switch over from one style to another at the spur of the moment while batting. This sport has become extremely popularize & expanded swimming in every nook & corner of the country and street of India. Owing to my attraction towards Cricket, I would always have my biggest support towards the players and wish they keep on winning kudos for our country.

Discussion Questions

  1. Do you prefer to watch live sports or watch it on TV?
    I prefer watching sports on the TV. I think the Televisions have improved so much over the recent times that the experience is the same as watching it live. Moreover, the luxury of sitting in the comfort of one’s house cannot be matched.
  2. Why do some people like to watch live sports?
    I think watching sports live is much more about spending quality time with friends and family. People go there to break the monotony of everyday life and do something different. For some, it is also about the possibility of meeting or getting an autograph from their favourite sportsperson.
  3. What kind of sports do Indian people like to watch?
    Indians are crazy about many sports like hockey, football, but I think nothing can come close to the popularity of cricket. I think nearly everyone watches cricket and many play it also. In fact, many Indians in foreign countries also play cricket even though the game isn’t popular there.
  4. Do you think competition is good for students?
    Certainly, I think competition makes us students work harder. Life without competition would be very boring. Moreover, the growing population means that competition is only going to increase in the future, so it better for students to learn to handle competition from early childhood.

6. Describe an article on health you read in a magazine or on internet

Change is the spice of life. It gives us excitement to gear up in life each day. The change which I have brought recently in my life is performing meditation. I was advised by my mother to initiate this change / activity so as to remain fit and healthy both physically and psychologically. I had never thought that meditation can bring forth such a remarkable positivity in my life. It has become a part & parcel of my daily schedule now, without which I feel like a bird without wings. It has aided me in mushrooming my concentration power to a great extent. I achieve immense peace of mind while doing it, along with a great sense of relaxation, recreation & rejuvenation. Moreover it has assisted me in declining my stress level owing to which I do not feel any burden on my mind these days. Meditation has proved to be a miraculous source of motivation & zest. Therefore giving me a strong driving force to reach the acme of success. My parents also found a positive change in me as  I have developed patience & I no longer become irritated to petty issues. I also feel healthy & fresh within me by virtue of which, I stay in high spirits round the clock. I frequently endeavor to accomplish this activity at dusk. So, this is the change which has been introduced in my life & has led to the metamorphosis, which is indispensible for becoming a better human being according to  my perspective.

Discussion Questions

  1. Why do different people like to read different magazines?
    Different people like to read different magazines because their interests are different. Magazines cater to specific fields. Those who love sports read sports magazines, such as Sports Today; those who like fashion, read fashion magazines, such as Vogue; those interested in film celebrities, read magazines like Stardust and Film Fare.
  2. What kind of magazines do teenagers like to read? Teenagers like to read sports and fashion magazines.
  1. What’s the difference between news on TV and news in magazines?
    The major difference is that news in magazines is the detailed news of the past week or the past fortnight or the past month depending on whether the magazine is weekly or fortnightly or monthly.
  2. Do people like to read news from the Internet?
    Young people like to read news from the Internet. They are tech-savvy. They can read any newspaper from any corner of the world. E-paper is also environmentally friendly.
  3. Do people still buy magazines in your country?
    Yes, they do. Magazines cater to special fields. Those interested in sports buy sports magazines, those interested in home-making buy magazines like Women’s Era and Sarita.
  4. Do you think people today are healthier than those in the past?
    Yes, I do think people today are healthier than in the past. It is obvious from the increase in life expectancy. People are living much longer than in the past. Moreover, people have become more conscious about their health.

7. Describe a plan in your life that is not related to study or work

Travelling has been a miraculous source of relaxation, recreation & rejuvenation. I am a fervid traveller & have a great passion in travelling. I have been to plethora of places till now but the one that I want to go in future is science city. It is located in the city of Jalandhar which is at stone’s throw at Amritsar. It is a huge sprawling and remarkable science museum which was constructed about 15 years back by our Prime Minister I.K Gujral, to spread awareness among masses about the scientific skills. The main purpose of my visit to this place is that it will aid me in accomplishing my project in an incredible manner which has been assigned to me by principal. This project is an acid test for me in order to join renowned company to reach the acme of success. This museum is the hub of myriad technical skills and inventions that have been made in the near past years, owing to which I can get knowledge pertaining space about which my project is based on. There is a separate no gravity zone to comprehend the difficulties faced by the astronomers in space. The models of space suits and space crafts are also displayed that will help in up -grading my concept regarding this field. Apart from this, I will have the opportunity to check pictures that will be the hallmark of my project and enhance its beauty. It will be fruitful for me and will add feather to my cap and even prove me to dark house in front to my teachers so this is the place I want to visit in future.

Discussion Questions

  1. Do you think it is important for a person to have a career plan?
    Yes, it is very important for a person to have a career plan. A career plan gives a person something to look forward to. He can then plan his education according to that career plan. Without a plan, any work seems meaningless. So, it is very important to have a plan. Sometimes, a person may change his plan midway, but all the same without a plan taking any step ahead is impossible.
  2. How do most people plan their future education and their future career?
    Most people plan their future education and career by talking to their parents, teachers, career counsellors and by consulting some people who are already in the same career.
  3. Do you think it’s important to include the factor of one’s salary in a career plan?
    Yes, salary is a very important factor in a career plan. It is generally seen that in the early stages of one’s life, money is needed for everything. One cannot go for a career, which doesn’t pay well in the early stages. Later on in life, one can go for a career, which one loves even if it doesn’t pay well.
  4. Do you think planning is important or is it a waste of time?
    Planning is very important. It is definitely not a waste of time. If things are done without planning, then it wastes a lot of time because most of the effort may go in the wrong direction and prove futile.
  5. What kinds of personal plans should people make for themselves?
    People should make plans about their studies, about their careers, their finances, about their married life, about places they want to visit, and about their retirement.
  6. In general, how do people make plans?
    People make plans according to their situation, by consulting their elders and also by realizing their own interests and hobbies.
  7. For a person with children, what influence does this have on their personal plans for the future?

           When a person has children, all his personal plans take a backseat, and the upbringing of the child comes first. All the personal plans become flexible and revolve around the needs of the family and children. I think this flexibility has a charm of its own.

8. Describe a tall building

Social media has become an integral part of our lives be it any age group everybody nowadays is dependent on it. It is providing a combination of entertainment along with the useful information. I am also a fervid reader of social media and an active user of facebook and instagram. A week ago when I was scrolling down the instagram I came across and a video which was describing about Work from home earning. Since the title of the video was eye catching I immediately clicked the video and it took me to the website where it describes about 3 to 4 different ways by which we can earn money from Instagram. I watched the complete video and register my name for learning the course. The course fee was very nominal so that every user can take advantage of it. I paid the fees and start getting 1 video every day for 15 days with proper explanation of the how and what questions. The tutor was a pro in his field and was teaching to the novus in the very simplified language. As soon as I finished my course within 15 days I felt confident enough about earning. I started implementing all the learned techniques one by one and within a period of 2 months was actually able to earn a few bucks. I and my parents were extremely delighted about doing the best utilization of my time I got in lockdown period. Since, then I have been working on it and am earning a good amount of money. And have also started teaching this technique to others to help them out. So this was an interesting thing that social media taught me.

Discussion Questions

  1. What are the advantages and disadvantages of living in tall buildings ?
    I think the main advantage of living in tall buildings is better daylighting and air ventilation. It also offers a great view of city life. Finally, the upper floors are free from the noise of the streets below. On the other hand, the main drawback is the risk of disasters like fires and falling down due to earthquakes. Another thing I dislike is that it is a lot more time taking to enter or leave the apartments.
  2. Do you think there will be more tall buildings in the future?
    Yes definitely, as the land is becoming scarce especially in big cities. I think in the future it would be a luxury to live in single-storey or double storey houses and tall buildings would be commonplace.
  3. Why aren’t there many tall buildings in the countryside?
    The simple reason is the availability of land. As there is a lot of vacant land available in countryside regions, tall buildings don’t make sense. Moreover, people in the countryside are accustomed to spending times in open spaces and even if tall apartments are built in such areas, I don’t think people would prefer living in them.
  4. Why do some people like to live in tall buildings nowadays?
    I think the main reason is that they are cheaper. Especially in bigger cities, the land is so costly that it is impossible for even the affluent to afford single storey or double storey houses. Moreover, tall buildings offer certain respite from the noise from the streets below.

9. A piece of local news that people are interested in • What it was about • Where you saw/heard it • Who was involved • And explain why people were interested in it

News is the main source of information for the people. The day seems incomplete if we do not hear or read the news. In the present time, there are multifarious sources of getting the news or information. The piece of news that people seems interested in these days is about Corona Virus, the pandemic that has engulfed the whole world. I am fond of reading and listening to the news hence I watch and read about it every morning and evening which describes about the fatalities of Covid-19 cases in the region. People are interested to keep an eye on the figures and numbers of freshly logged new cases, single-day fatality, deaths reported, active cases and lastly, the number of recoveries and cured cases that gives a sigh of relief. These news are important because based on the above statistics the government regulates the lockdown regulations that whether it should be extended or can be lenient. This news also shows how our doctors, nurses and many other frontline warriors are letting no stone unturned to fight against this pandemic. It also keeps on describing about the change in symptoms of this disease which keeps on varying with change in mutation, which everybody should be aware about to keep themselves safe. I feel this news has become a mandatory part of the people’s life and everybody wants to listen to it.

Discussion Questions

  1. Do people read newspaper where you live?
    Yes, people in my city love to read the newspaper. In fact, there are so many people in my society who read almost 2-3 newspapers every day. I guess the reason behind it is that the literacy rate in my city is one of the highest in my country. So, the educated people love to read newspaper so that they have some content to discuss with their colleagues or neighbours. Also, there is a newspaper publishing company in my city which is also the largest selling English daily in North India.
  2. Do people prefer local or international news?
    I think there are lot of factors which decide whether a person would read local or international news. For example, because of Covid everyone is equally interested in both international as well as local news. People know about the development of vaccine and they also want to know about the number of Covid cases in their city. At the same time, if we leave Covid aside, then we can say that small businessmen or people from weak economic backgrounds are mostly interested in local news whereas those who are working for multi-national companies are more interested in international news.
  3. Do you think it’s important to have a national identity?
    Yes, I think it’s very important to have a national identity because it encourages people to understand the country they live in and work for the betterment of their country. Also, for countries which have gained independence, it helps the people to realize the sacrifices made by their ancestors and it teaches them to uphold those values.
  4. How can people develop their national identity?
    I think there are many ways in which people could develop their national identity. The first and easiest way would be to wear the traditional attires of their country. Secondly, they can wear pins of their flags or hoist the national flags outside their country. In my country the government has installed huge National flags in majority of the city centres and also they have established a law according to which our national anthem is played in the movie theatre before the screening of any movie.

10. Describe a puzzle you have played

The word puzzle seems to be an interesting activity away usual. There have been lots of puzzle that I have played so far as it gives a mental push to the brain and proves that it enhances the brain activity. Hence, playing a puzzle is proven to be the best storming and enhancement activity. It is a brain training toy I have played lots of puzzle since my school time but the one which I like play now also is a Rubik’s cube which is 3 dimensional combination puzzles. The cube has 6 faces each face is painted of 6 different color which is mingled in the beginning and the puzzle solve when all the faces gets their matching color. I first saw this game when I went to my cousin’s place and he was playing with it then she told me about it and also ways to solve it. She described that solving this puzzle requires a special algorithm and particular sequences and movements. As she taught me I memorized the defined sequences of moves and it took me more than half an hour so get it solved.  But soon as it kept practicing I drag the time to 5 minutes. Now, solving this puzzle is a piece of cake for me but still I play it when I am fed up doing my everyday tasks and then I play with this as a recreational activity.

Discussion Questions

  1. Why do parents let their children play puzzles?
    Parents let their children play puzzles because they are very good learning tools and beneficial for their brain development. Puzzles keep their minds active and working. They help improve their concentration, their problem-solving skills, and finishing a puzzle brings them a sense of accomplishment.
  2. What kind of puzzles improve people’s intelligence?
    Solving puzzles is good a way to exercise our brain and keep it active and sharp. Puzzles like Sudoku, Crossword, Jigsaw, Rubik’s cube, etc. can improve our cognitive abilities and boosts our intelligence.
  3. Why are detective stories attractive to people?
    I think detective stories are so popular because it enables people to use their imagination and solve the mystery. Humans have the natural drive to solve problems and detective novels/movies let them do that.
  4. Which do you think is better? A detective movie or its original novel?
    I think original novels are much better. Novels don’t have any time limitations and have more depth. Movies need to capture the entire novel in a few hours and some important parts/details get left out. Also, novels are mentally stimulating and engage the imagination more than movies as your mind must picture what’s going on.

11. Describe a time you saw something on social media

Social media has become an integral part of our lives be it any age group everybody nowadays is dependent on it. It is providing a combination of entertainment along with the useful information. I am also a fervid reader of social media and an active user of facebook and instagram. A week ago when I was scrolling down the instagram I came across and a video which was describing about Work from home earning. Since the title of the video was eye catching I immediately clicked the video and it took me to the website where it describes about 3 to 4 different ways by which we can earn money from Instagram. I watched the complete video and register my name for learning the course. The course fee was very nominal so that every user can take advantage of it. I paid the fees and start getting 1 video every day for 15 days with proper explanation of the how and what questions. The tutor was a pro in his field and was teaching to the novus in the very simplified language. As soon as I finished my course within 15 days I felt confident enough about earning. I started implementing all the learned techniques one by one and within a period of 2 months was actually able to earn a few bucks. I and my parents were extremely delighted about doing the best utilization of my time I got in lockdown period. Since, then I have been working on it and am earning a good amount of money. And have also started teaching this technique to others to help them out. So this was an interesting thing that social media taught me.

Discussion Questions

  1. Why do people like to use social media?
    I think the main reason why people use social media is to stay in touch in with friends and family members. Another major reason is to keep abreast with the latest news and information. Last but not least, it is just a way to fill up spare time.
  2. What kind of things are popular on social media?
    Many things are popular on social media, but the most popular is to share pictures and videos about oneself. People also share the latest news and information they find interesting. Nowadays, even businesses have started using social media to advertise their products and create a name for their brand.
  3. What are the advantages and disadvantages of using social media?
    I think the main advantage of using social media is that it is very easy to access information, provide information and communicate via social media. It lets us make friends and keep in touch with old friends very easily. On the other hand, the main drawback is the lack of privacy and lack of reliable information. There are many instances where people have used social media to share false information for example, recently people spread misinformation about the harmful effects of Covid vaccination, which caused a lot of hesitancy among people about vaccination.
  4. What do you think about making friends on social networking sites?
    I think it’s not safe to make friends on social media because it’s very easy for people to pretend to be someone else. I think we should rather use it to keep in touch with real life friends.

12. Describe a promise you made to someone • Whom did you make the promise • What was the promise • Why you made it • Did u deliver the promise

Promises are something that people casually make in every day’s life. I rarely make promises to others and try to deliver them when I do make. Such a commitment I made to my very close friend Riya about helping her in completing her science project as her exams were near. 

A week ago before her project submission, we started working on it. It was a physics project which I had already done before hence I was able to help her. She gave me the material and tutorials and I did all the computer work. I also add relevant diagrams, graphs and useful links and references to give the best explanation. I used to go to her home daily in the evening in my leisure time and spend nearly 2 to 3 hours until it’s completed. 

It took almost a week to make it done and it was great fun too. We both get a good time spend with each other during this period. Since we both strive hard day and night on the project and it all results in getting A+ grade for her as well as she got full marks for doing it with so well explained. We both felt on cloud 9 on getting this small achievement. I was delighted to deliver the promise and this has given me absolute inner happiness that I did what I said.

Discussion Questions

  1. Generally speaking, do Indian parents make promises to children?

Yes, Indian parents often make promises to their children. The promises mainly involve buying new toys or expensive gifts for them or taking them on vacations if they score good marks in exams or behave well.

  1. Do children also make promises to their parents?

Yes, children also make promises to their parents that they will study and not waste their time. They also promise to behave well in the absence of parents.

  1. Do most people fulfil their promises?

Unfortunately, many people in India make promises that they know they know they can’t fulfil or can’t keep. For example, to meet at a particular time.

  1. How do you feel when others break their promises?

It annoys me when people break their promises. In fact, in India promises are frequently made and seldom kept. I believe that we should not make promises that we cannot keep. We should think before we make promises.

13. Describe a Science area you are interested in

To be honest, my heart sank when I read this question, as I am not particularly interested in science because we tend to think of science as biology, physics and chemistry so I had no idea what to talk about however, there is one branch of science which I’ve become interested in recently and it is sleep.

Since the global pandemic started, I have been working from home, doing less exercise and my lifestyle has changed radically. One of the knock-on effects of all these lifestyle changes is insomnia. One after another night, I was struggling to get to sleep. I tried all kind of things such as counting, having a relaxing bath before bed, reducing my caffeine intake, and suchlike, but nothing worked. That’s when I started to read up on sleep and found out more about it.

Apparently, insomnia is one of the most common sleep disorders and roughly 50% of adults have experienced it at one time or another in their life. About one in ten adults suffer from chronic insomnia. I read loads of articles about it and there were lots of recommendations such as using a sleep masks or have warm milk before bed.

What worked for me though was reducing my screen time. I realized that I was spending around 12 hours on the laptop, having a quick bite to eat and then spending all night on my phone. Screens emit blue light that signals to your brain that it is time to be awake and so if you used them late at night, your brain thinks it is time to be awake. As a result, I‘ve stopped using gadgets after 8pm and I am no longer an insomniac.

14. Speak about your favourite singer

Singing is a great talent that makes the aura happening. It brings a great sense of happiness, instant de-stressor. Singing is a talent that not everybody possesses and some humans on earth are blessed with this trait. 

Amongst all of them, I would like to describe here my all-time favourite none other than Satinder Sartaj. He is an Indian Punjabi singer, writer and poet. There are a wealth of words to describe this artist- those that come instantly to my mind are: humble, spiritual and extremely talented. He got fame from his hit song “”Sai”” which is devoted to god. While most singers or artist are college dropouts Sartaj obtained an honours degree in Music. His love for music in childhood let his parents encouraged him to pursue music as a part of his studies which eventually become his career. He enjoys a loyal fanbase all over the world and in particular those of Punjabi diaspora.    

Discussion Questions

  1. Do singers play an important role in your country?

Yes, singers play an important role in my country. They are an integral part of our culture and their songs are played in various ceremonies, weddings, and parties.

  1. Do you think celebrities have a lot of income?

I think celebrities earn a lot of income but it is justified. They work hard and entertain us. They also sacrifice their privacy and personal space because of their popularity.

  1. In your country, people prefer to listen to traditional music or foreign music?

In my country, the older generation still likes traditional music but the younger generation is influenced by the western world and prefers to listen to foreign music.

15. Describe a time someone or something made noise. You should say: • when this happened • who this person was/what this thing was • what kinds of noise was • and explain what you did when you heard the noise.

I would like to tell you about an occasion when my neighbour renovated his building which is next to my house last weekend. The noise of drills, hammer, other power tools, and the shout from workers were extremely bothersome to me.

I heard that there had been some problem with water leaking in their house, thus, they needed to rip the floor out to find the problem of the water pipe system hidden inside. Besides, they also took that chance to re-decorate their house. That’s why the noise of hammers, saws, drills seemed endless the whole day. Because the owners didn’t have much time off from work, they had to begin very early in the morning. I must say that the staccato hammer drill at the crack of dawn woke up all of the citizens in the neighbourhood, and prevented us from going back to sleep again. As my house is next to theirs, almost could feel that the walls shook and it drove me insane.

Though being so bothered by the noise, I couldn’t do anything but stand it, hoping it could end as soon as possible. After 2 hours, I nearly went crazy with that noise, so I called up my friends and asked them out for a cafe and shopping.

Discussion Questions

  1. Is it hard to find quiet places in cities?
    Yes, it’s very hard to find quiet places in cities nowadays because of increasing urbanization and cars on the street. I think that’s one of the major reasons people go on vacations. Unfortunately, tourist spots are even more crowded.
  2. Why is it quieter in the countryside?
    The main reason is the lack of traffic and industries in cities. Moreover, there is a lot of greenery which absorbs noise rather than reflecting it.
  3. Why do people go to quiet places?
    I think the main reason is so that can think peacefully and concentrate on their work. Noise is distracting and it also reduces our efficiency. 
  1. Why do some people not like quiet places?
    Some people do not like quiet places because they want fun and frolic all around them. They want activity and noise all around them.
  2. Do you know other quiet places?
    There are many quiet places in the countryside. Many of my friends live in villages. Whenever I go to their homes, there is no noise of traffic, and you can hear the chirping of the birds and the rustling of leaves, which is very soothing to the ears.
  3. Do you need a quiet place when you are working?
    Yes, I do appreciate a quiet place when I’m working, but unfortunately, it is not always possible. So I’ve got used to some amount of noise around me.
  4. Why do people like to spend time in quiet places?
    People like to spend time in quiet places because sometimes they want to be with themselves, then they go to temples or quiet places, and feel relieved of their stress.
  5. Do you know anyone who likes noise?
    I have many friends who like listening to loud music. They say that it kills the background noise of the vehicle.


Dreams are the ones which motivate and encourage a person to gear up in life for reaching the pinnacle. The house which I dream to buy is a Bungalow in renowned place namely Ranjit Avenue.I Wish to possess a very spacious home built on an area of 2 acres. I will get an underground parking constructed which will have a unique inclined entrance. There will be 5 rooms each with an attached washroom. My own room will bear a balcony where I will hang the antique swinging chair which was gifted to me by my charming grandfather few years back. The lobby will be festowned with texture on walls of my favourite color. As I am highly bewitched to Sandalwood fragrance. I will include an automatic perfume spray in each room. My dream home will be centrally air-conditioned and The gallery design promoted by Italy. Moreover, there will be a swimming pool in the backyard which will be centre of attraction for visitors. As I am passionate about music, so I will keep in mind that every corner of my house should bear remarkable amplifier with awesome sound quality. I am planning today such a house in  next few years for which I am  working hard day and night. Hopefully with the blessings of god, my dreams will turn into reality, when I will feel as if I am on cloud 9.