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IELTS Speaking Test is a formal speaking session conducted in a separate room with the examiner which lasts for around 11 to 14 minutes.In the following part you can have an idea about what is asked of what type. Candidate is assessed based on the following 4 parameters of speaking.

PART 1(Introductory Part PART 2 (Task card or Cue card)PART 3 (Discussion or Follow up Questions)
DURATION Lasts4 to 5 minutes3 minutes5 to 6 minutes
TypeQuestion /AnswerTopicQuestion/ Answer
PREPARATION TIMENO PREPARATION TIME1 minute to prepare and make short notes on the given topicNo Preparation Time
Topics can be askedHome, hometown, hobbies, family, studies/ workGENERAL TOPICSQuestions related to Part 2 topic
Numbers of TOPICS can BE ASKEDRanges from 3 to 4 topics1 topic1 or 2 topic related to the cue card

Now, you know what sort of things are to be asked, so the key to crack the exam is PRACTICE PRACTICE AND PRACTICE MORE……….

Here are the topics which are being asked to the candidates in their recent exam with the sample answers.

So, Lets get started………….