Here you will find all the Latest IELTS General Writing Task 1 topics with a few sample answers asked in recent exams worldwide in 2022.
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1. You have just read an article in an international travel magazine which contained some information about your town that is incorrect.

Write a letter to the editor of the magazine. In your letter,

  •            Correct the information in the article  
  •       Explain why it is important for the magazine to give the correct information.
  •            Suggest what the magazine should do about this situation.


Dear Sir/ Ma’am,

I am Annie. I am an avid reader of your travel magazine “The Travel”. While reading the last issue I have come across an article on my hometown. “Places to see in Hyderabad during  the Mansoon”. However, there is a factual error in the content which I like to bring to your kind notice.

In the rite-up, the reporter has mentioned venues that would interest tourists in Hyderabad during the rainy season, one such place listed is Bangle Bazaar. While this destination is popular amongst travel enthusiasts all year round, during the rainy season, more than half of the area gets flooded. This is because the spot is located in the low lying areas of the city. Hence, it will be extremely inconvenient for the visitors to have a good time over there.

Moreover, a majority of the stores will also remain closed during the season. Therefore, it is imperative that you share the right details with your readers so that they are not encouraged to make plans to make plans for this place.

It is advisable that you make an acknowledgement of the incorrect information in your editor’s note  to avoid any unforeseen occurrences due owing to the article.

Yours faithfully,


2. Write a letter to the editor to give your opinion about a magazine that you purchased. Include

 In your letter,

  •            Correct the information in the article  
  •       Explain why it is important for the magazine to give the correct information.
  •            Suggest what the magazine should do about this situation.

Model Answer:

Dear Editor,

I recently purchased a copy of Gardening Monthly from my local newsstand and I’m writing to give you some background and feedback. I’m not a professional gardener but I have a keen interest on the field. I retired from my job as a production assistant  two years ago and gardening has become my daily pursuit.

I really appreciate your in-depth step-by-step tutorials for everyday gardening techniques. The visuals on them, and throughout the magazine, are stunning and inspirational for home gardeners. There are just a couple of areas I would recommend fixes for: first, the magazine is too short. It only comes out once a month and a 20 page magazine is not long enough. Also, your writers make a lot of grammatical errors. Just looking at the first article from the last edition, I can spot 10 mistakes.

To round out your magazine I would recommend hiring a new editor or better supervising them to ensure they are thorough. As for the length of the magazine, have you considered a bi-monthly format? I hope that demand would justify this. I would surely read it !

Thanks for hearing me out.


3. Your company recently sent you to do a course at a college in another country. At the end of the course you got a certificate. However, you have lost this certificate. Write a letter to the Principal of the college.

In your letter

  •            Correct the information in the article  
  •       Explain why it is important for the magazine to give the correct information.
  •            Suggest what the magazine should do about this situation.

Model Answer:

Dear Sir / Ma’am,

My name is Harrie San. I pursued a short term diploma Financial Management of 2 months from your college 2 weeks back. I am writing in context to the certificate which I got at the completion of the program but unfortunately, I lost it somewhere.

Perhaps, I left that certificate in the drawer of the side table in the hotel room, where I stayed during my visit to Canada. In fact, I called them up and asked to find it out for me but sadly did not get any satisfactory response from their end. Now, I realize that it’s my fault as I need to be more vigilant.

Now, I have an urgent requirement of this certificate because on its basis I could get an opportunity to get promotion from the presently holding Assistant Manager post to the Manager. So, I request you to kindly issue me a duplicate copy of this certificate at my mailing address or if it would be possible to send a soft copy to the email address. All my details are registered at your office. I would be grateful to you for this.

Looking forward to your reply.

Yours truly,


4. Write a letter to your local council that the road in front of your house is damaged.

In your letter, write

  • Tell your name and where you are living
  • Describe the problem
  • Suggest what you want them to do for it.

Model Answer:

Dear Mr Bose,

The condition of roads in my vicinity have compelled me to write this letter as I aware that your time is precious, however I feel that the road issue in our area demands your attention towards it. I am a resident of Ajit Nagar which comes under your jurisdiction and I feel it to be my duty to let you know about it.

The streets in my area are being neglected from the past few years resulting in gaining more potholes than the space required to ply on them but the residents were somehow coping with it but this year’s monsoon had aggravated the situation by filling those holes with water creating puddles making them not suitable for any vehicle.

Observing the current scenario, I would like to propose few suggestions regarding the repair work as it will be much preferred by locals if the it is done at night, this can avoid further inconvenience to the nearby house and It would be much appreciated by the people if you personally assured them before commencment of repair.  I hope these suggestions will proved helpful to you.

Kind regards,

Amanpreet SIngh