IELTS General Writing Task 1 Sample

Formal I Informal Letter

Here you will find all the Latest  IELTS general Writing Task 1 topics with few sample answers asked in recent exam worldwide in 2022.



  1. Write a letter to the newspaper editor about the poor condition of the historic building in your area. In your letter write :
  • What building are you writing about
  • Describe the current condition of the building
  • What should be done in this situation                   


 I am writing to bring your attention towards one of the serious problem that needs immediate attention.

I reside in Amritsar city which is a major tourist attraction due to many historical places the prominent one is Jallianwala Bagh which is located in the vicinity of the Golden Temple. My concern is towards the poor condition of Jallianwala bagh which is related to 1919 massacre and is deeply attached with the patriotic emotions of the Indian people.

But now the infrastructure of the building of Jallianwala Bagh is losing its significance as many visitors who come here are disrespecting the place by carving on the walls and writing their names for no reason. In addition to this, it can be clearly seen that the building has not underwent any renovation for so long that gives an unpleasant experience to its goers.

In this regard, I would like you to write an article alongside suggesting some solutions to make it worth visiting such as installing the CCTV cameras for proper surveillance to curb vandalism in any form. Another suggestion is refurbishment of site should take place making it technologically advanced as well as historical artefacts must be cleaned and preserved properly which would eventually attract more visitors.

Hope you will consider upon my request.

Your Sincerely


You recently bought an electric gadget for your home. Your friend wants the same gadget and needs your advice. Write your letter about
  • What gadget it is
  • What you think about it
  • Advice about other alternatives your friend could buy
7 Bands Sample Answer :
Hi John,
Hope you’re doing well!

It was a pleasure meeting you the last time at my place when I showed you up my new purchases especially the Robotic cleaner which you’re looking further to purchase.

The gadget is actually an electronic device named as “ Robotic Cleaner” from a renowned brand Mitsubishi. I saw this product on an e-commerce app Amazon. As you know living alone and handling cleaning is quite hectic thus, I ordered it for my house and it works really amazing.


I’m sure you would have really read its reviews. It has been given an overall five start ratings which is highly recommended and a must buy. Despite working most effectively with utmost efficiency it is quite economical and has a great power. The user-friendly gadget just need a button to be turned on within fraction of minutes it will keep the area super tidy.

The only drawback this robotic cleaner has it consumes high watts of electricity because of which the electricity bill rose upto 20%. Thus, I would recommend you to buy a vacuum cleaner which will serve the similar purpose but would be more budget friendly as well as the power consumption would be quite less.

Yours lovingly


3.  Your child’s school is going for a trip out of the country for 3 days and parent is allowed to join the group. Write a letter to school.

 In your letter, you should:

  • ask questions about the trip
  • tell them why you want to join the group
  • explain how you can help

Type of Letter : FORMAL

4.  You came to know about a piece of equipment that would help you at your workplace. Write a letter to your manager,

In your letter, write:

  • Describe the equipment
  • Explain how it might be useful at your workplace.
  • Offer help in purchasing it

Type of Letter : FORMAL

5.  You just shifted your furniture abroad through a shipping company and you have noticed that your furniture has been damaged. Write a letter to your manager of the Shipping company,

In your letter, write:

  • When and where you shifted
  • Give details of the damage that has occurred
  • What action you would like the company to take ?

Type of Letter : FORMAL

6.  Letter : FORMAL
You had a problem while staying at a hotel and the receptionist was very helpful.
Write a letter to the manager of the hotel.
In your letter,
– describe the problem that you had
– explain how the receptionist helped you
– suggest ways to prevent the problem from happening again.


7 Bands Sample Answer :

Dear Sir / Ma’am,

I am inscribing this missive to express my dissatisfaction regarding my stay at the hotel the company booked for me.

This is to bring to your notice that I had an overall very bad experience of the meeting. It was an official meeting with company’s foreign delegates. Whom I called to discuss about the company’s newly launched products in order to make strategies to boost the sales.

It was quite annoying to see the impression your services gave of our company was very bad as I already informed in the email about arranging proper equipment such as a Projector, a white screen and a mic. But none of the equipment provided was functioning properly. The Projector shut down thrice during the presentation and mic’s voice clarity was very low.

Rectification of the services is highly recommended in this regard by minimizing the cost of your services till the time you make any improvement.

Hope you will look into this matter.

Yours Sincerely



7.  You would like to invite your friend from abroad to a public event in your country. Write a letter to your friend.

In your letter,

– Invite him/her to the event

– Explain why you think he/she would like the event

– Tell him/her about the other activities you can do.

Type of Letter : INFORMAL

8.  You’ve been asked to do a presentation and you will need help with setting up the equipment for it. Write a letter to your colleague. In your letter,

– Let him/her know when and where the presentation will take place

– Tell him/her what equipment you will need

– Explain how he/she can help you.

Type of Letter : FORMAL / SEMI-FORMAL

9. Your company has sent you on a three-month course in another country. The course is coming to an end, but you would like to prolong your stay.

Write a letter to your manager. In your letter,

– Describe how the course benefited you

– Explain why you would like to delay your return

– Suggest a date when you would like to come back.

Type of Letter : FORMAL

10. You recently travelled by a long-distance bus and during this journey, your suitcase was damaged.

Write a letter to the bus company.

Type of Letter : INFORMAL

11. You live near a public school. The school has asked local residents to help with the maintenance of school buildings and play area.

Write a letter to the principal. In your letter,

– Explain why you would like to help

– Tell them how you can help

– Let them know when you are available.

Type of Letter : FORMAL

12. You have invited a friend to visit you next month. Unfortunately, you are not able to meet him/her.

Write a letter to your friend. In your letter,

– Apologize for the change of plans

– Explain why you are unable to meet him/her

– Suggest another time for him/her to visit.

Type of Letter : FORMAL

13. Write a letter to your friend who lives in another nation. In your letter 

  • Describe the public event
  • Invite him/her to a public event in your nation.
  • Explain about other plans for your friend when he/she visits.

Type of Letter : INFORMAL

14. Write a letter to the director of your company to recommend a group in your local community which deserves help.

In your letter, you should tell:

  • why you suggest helping this group
  • how your company can help this group
  • what the benefits your company will in return for.

Type of Letter : FORMAL

15. You recently saw an advertisement in a newspaper seeking volunteers to do unpaid work for local children. You are interested in this work. Write a letter to the head of the organization.

In your letter

  • express your interest
  • ask for details of the work that needs to be done
  • let them know when you are available.

Type of Letter : FORMAL

16. You are moving home. Please write a letter to your neighbors to say goodbye to them and to thank them for their help during your stay.

In your letter

  • explain how they helped you
  • say what you will miss the most about the area where you lived
  • invite them to visit you at your new home.

Type of Letter : INFORMAL

17. Write a letter to the manager of a cinema (movie theatre) about a jacket you have left behind after a film. In your letter:

  • Describe the jacket
  • Describe where you were seated
  • Explain what you want to be done


18. You recently attended a conference and would like to give a presentation to your colleagues about it. Write a letter to your manager and include:

  • The topic of the conference
  • Why you want to present about it
  • When it could be done

Type of Letter : FORMAL

19. You saw an advertisement in the paper for a property management position at an apartment complex. Write a letter to express your interest. Include

  • Why you are writing
  • Your suitability for the role
  • How you would approach the position

Type of Letter : FORMAL

20You were studying in an English Speaking country and suddenly needed to go back to your home country leaving your course. Write a letter to Teacher to: 

  • Thank him/her
  • Explain the reason for leaving without completing the course
  • What did you like the most during course of study ?

Type of Letter : FORMAL