7.0 Bands Essay Sample

Nowadays people are spending more time watching movies online. Why is this happening? Is it a positive or a negative development?

Reported in Exam July 2021

Model Answer:

It has been seen that watching content online such as movies are becoming more frequent in the post-pandemic period. The prevalence of this trend is because of myriad reasons. This I would say is a positive development.

The frequency of using the internet for watching movies online has seen unprecedented growth in the last couple of years especially in the post-pandemic period various factors are responsible for this. Primarily, The rates of the internet have declined hugely which makes it affordable to the budget of an average income person too hence the people are spending a major chunk of their time watching online web series or movies. Another major reason is the availability of platforms such as Netflix and Amazon prime that provide the updated and latest content in high definition that too at the home comfort with a little membership subscription fee which they can enjoy with their family also which would either be very costly in cinemas. Also, due to the covid pandemic, most of the people are reluctant to go outside hence to pass their leisure time they are indulging themselves in watching online.

The trend is more inclined towards the negative side because more accessibility of the internet means they will stop spending their precious time on useful tasks such as students in studies which will decrease their academic performance and overall growth. Also, watching movies online requires more sitting which eventually makes one unhealthy due to less or no physical activity with affecting vision is not at the last. Lastly, the harmful content would have seen to affect the thinking of the person, for eg: violent content have seen to shape the teenagers’ behavior negatively.

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