7.5 Bands Essay Sample

Obesity is now a major global epidemic. What can be done to tackle this increasingly common problem ?

Reported in Exam July 2021

Model Answer:

Obesity is now one of the most causes of preventable death, especially in industrialised countries. To tackle this problem, governments can reduce the impact of their overweight citizens by the careful use of taxation to fund alternatives to a sedentary lifestyle. However, individuals should also take responsibility for his or her own health by avoiding a nasty diet and taking the initiative to participate in sport.

It is important for governments to act quickly to curb obesity because of the rising death rate. There will even be rising costs in healthcare and therefore the benefits system if it’s left unchecked. To combat this problem, governments should, first of all, heavily tax food and use the revenue generated to subsidise healthy fruit and vegetables. This would make healthy food cheaper and more widely available than unhealthier options. Also, the govt can act by funding leisure centres, sports clubs and gymnasiums. This money could be used to help people gain motivation to exercise and.

On the opposite hand, there are those that claim that obesity is thanks to lifestyle choice and thus a private problem, not one for the govt . They claim that folks should find their own motivation to stop obesity by being conscious of the doubtless fatal consequences of their lifestyles. Individuals could also change their diets by switching from a carbohydrate-heavy diet to at least one which incorporates a balance of vitamins and minerals. Joining a sports club need not always be the only way to lose weight. Even vigorous housework or heavy gardening can help avert heart disease.

In conclusion, although individuals may be able to help themselves by changing their diets and activities, it may require government intervention to tackle obesity quickly and on a large scale.

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