7.5 Bands Essay Sample

Prison is the common way in most countries to solve the problem of crime. However, a more effective solution is to provide people with a better education.

Reported in Exam July 2021

Model Answer:

Crime in today’s world is one of the serious concerns that need attention. In order to plunge the rate of crime, most of the nations adopt the method of imprisonment. Better education, on the other hand, is regarded as the better solution to tackle this problem. Nevertheless, I completely disagree with the view that solely educating the masses would work to deter the crime, as basic education and moral values are already given in some form.

Pondering upon the myriad reasons behind putting the offenders in prison, the first and foremost is that they are well aware about the facts during imprisonment that they will lose their freedom, would be ill-treated, stay away from their loved ones for a major part of their lives even sometimes punished badly, depending upon the severity of the crime such a treatment creates a fear in the mind and think twice before they commit any heinous act. Punishments, also, set an example for other people and force them to think twice before committing any crime.

Moving ahead, prison, acc to my perception, is also seen as the effective remedy because it safeguards the society from such criminals and ensures their protection and safety. One feel safe to know that all those who do unethical and unlawful activities are behind the bars eventually this makes one fearless and enjoy freedom. Education, on the other side, may not work well always all their life because people who intentionally choose bad company will certainly forget the moral lessons they learnt during their education. Consequently, prison is an appropriate solution to resolve this issue.

In conclusion, according to my perception, putting criminals behind bars should b continued and followed by the countries as curbing its rate merely through education is not a good idea for interests of society as a whole.


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