7.5 Bands Essay Sample

Some people believe that good teamwork is what makes companies successful. Others feel that it is more important to have a good leader.

Reported in Exam July 2021

Model Answer:

It is commonly said that the biggest reason lies behind a companies’ growth and success is good teamwork whereas others say that achieving business success is impossible in the absence of a good leader.

Commencingly, having a good team good teamwork structures provide the organization with a diversity of thought, creativity, perspectives, opportunities, and problem-solving approaches. A proper team environment allows individuals to brainstorm collectively, which in turn increases their success in problem solves and arrives at solutions more efficiently and effectively. Another reason that makes teamwork an effective reason for success is team effort increases output by having quick feedback and multiple sets of skills come into play to support your work. You can do the stages of designing, planning, and implementation much more efficiently when a team is functioning well.       

Contrastingly, an efficient, motivating, aspiring team leader adds value to the growth of an organization. A good team leader recognizes the abilities and skills of team members and assigns them tasks accordingly and anything is unclear or goes wrong than helping them by laying them out in plain language with a sole motive to meet the objectives. Also, a good leader cannot sit back and watch, but instead must create, recreate the vision, team spirit and provide training as well as the right tools so that teammates feel confident in accomplishing their tasks thus it will them from becoming lost and meeting deadlines.

To conclude, it would not be wrong to say that having both a good leader and teamwork are key factors for attaining success. Leader binds the team members so they work collectively for a goal and teamwork without a leader is impossible thus a good leader is the backbone of my successful organization.

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