7.0 Bands Essay Sample

In the past, shopping was a routine domestic task. Many people nowadays regard it as a hobby. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

Gone are the days when going shopping considered as a daily household chore as this has become a new leisure activity. According to me, having shopping as a hobby is not at all a positive trend as it will give rise to copious financial problems in one’s life.

To commence with the shopping as a hobby this has lots of detrimental effects. First and foremost, making it a hobby means people will go for buying just to pass their spare time as there no dire need of purchasing a good or item. This will make them spend-thrifts and there will be poor financial planning which can make them under debt or insolvent if this habit continues for long. Moreover, shopping as a hobby may make someone obsessed with shopping and buying behaviour which further creates irresistible urge and excessive spending that sometimes results in personal or financial difficulties.

Consuming goods or shopping will not make anyone learn anything instead adopting a hobby that can make one creative, mindful, refreshes and relives stress such as gardening, drawing, creative writing, singing, dancing etc. Anyone of these will make one attentive and one can seek passion in doing it and with consistent practice and passion can choose it a profession where doing shopping will make one lethargic, stressful and tired. Also, Choosing shopping over other activities will leave no time for other useful tasks such as playing outdoors and quality family time hence, this overall noticed to be a negative trend.

To conclude, on discussing about the various drawbacks of keeping a frequent buying behavior I believe there are more useful positive tasks/ activities that needs focus or attention instead choosing an activity that is flooded with negativity.