7.0 Bands Essay Sample

Some people think new homes need to be built with private outdoor space such as a garden, yard, or balcony. Do you think this is more advantageous or more disadvantageous?

Model Answer:

It is now been said that newly construction houses must be designed with a personalized outdoor space such as a garden or balcony. I think it is good to have private outdoor area and is as essential as to have other basic amenities in the place.

To begin with the pros one can have by constructing a personal outdoor living area increases the of the place and adds to its value. The entrance full of greenery and natural intensity is always eye-catching and adds to the beauty which is adorned by everyone. Another favourable reason is the  health benefits it offers. In the sedentary lifestyle, doing a workout or walk is very beneficial and One feel reluctant to go to nearby public place for outing hence having a private space for performing physical activities like sports, running or workout will help to stay the family members healthy. Lastly, today when most of the members are glued to their gadgets such a place provides a way to entertainment or spending a quality time with the family members during the holidays or weekends which eventually make the relationship stronger.

The only con that private outdoor space can have is the cost because today when it getting difficult to own a house due to unprecedented high amounts of price of property it is difficult to afford for people to own such a big area privately. Also, there is scarcity of land and people are forced to live in the vertical housing area with multi story apartments owing such a major outdoor place by every individual house would give rise to deforestation which eventually harms the environment.

To conclude, a personal living outdoor space proves to be more beneficial than being harmful keeping in mind the disturbance it cause to the mother earth.