Some people say that it is the responsibility of individuals to save money for their own care after they retired. To what extent do you agree or disagree ?

In this fast-moving life, man is in a constant race to earn bread and butter either by working independently or under some organization, which is followed by an ultimate retirement period. This period is characterized by physical sufferings along with the dearth(lack) of monetary resources. I feel people need to pre-plan for this phase and preserve their earnings for their well-being.

There are copious reasons to justify my viewpoint. First and foremost, the post-retirement period is a herculean stage of life in which people are afflicated with unanticipated medical emergencies along with chronic disorders requiring daily medicines. This medical treatment is exorbitant in today’s era of inflation which demands heaps of currency/ savings. For instance, many cases of death of senior citizens have been reported in recent decades, where an inability to fulfill the remedial requirements was the basic reason in case of diabetes, hypertension, and deadly forms of cancer.

Probing further, owing to materialism prevailing in the society these days, children are forgetting their moral obligation to support their parents in their old age and prefer to stay aloof from them, thus leaving them alone to face hardships independently. Apart from this, even the strong economies of the world are not sufficient in catering to the needs of this elderly starta which leaves them with the sole option of saving money themselves. To quote an example, In India elderly have to face tough times as no old-age pensions are provided to fund this population.

In a crux, keeping in mind the difficulties which the retired people have to go through in the later stages of their life, it is fruitful to be self-sufficient in this phase to overcome tough periods conveniently.