Where do you live ?

I live in a house /flat with my family.

Would you describe your house?

Yes, my house is located in Ranjit Avenue it’s a posh area of my city. It’s a two-storey building          made according to modern architecture constructed in presence of my father. My house has got all            the amenities that are a must in a modern house. It has 3 bedrooms with attached washrooms, a                kitchen, a living area, and a garden in the front.

What facilities are there in your house?

As I said, all the basic amenities that are required in a modern house is available apart from all         mentioned above there are other facility

Do you have a separate room ? If yes,describe?

Certainly, I have my personal room in fact everyone in my home has their private rooms. I                      have got my room walls painted with sky-blue colour and décor of the room is ultramodern. W          with a home theatre, air –conditioner and study table for a superb study experience and I just love            my room.


What’s (the name of) your hometown?
I am from Amritsar based in Punjab also known as holy city.

Is it a big city or a small place?
It is a town with a population of about 1.5 lakhs. It is on the NH1.

Please describe your hometown a little
My hometown is very beautiful. All facilities are available here. There are good educational
facilities, good hospitals, good job opportunities and already good shopping center.

How long have you been living there?
I have been living there since my birth.

Would you say it’s an interesting place?
Yes, I would say it is an interesting place. The shopping center is very nice. In fact it is called
a shoppers paradise. There are many historical places. There are three Sikh temples.

What’s your favorite part of your hometown?
My favorite part of my hometown is a park, where I go every morning for my morning walk.

Is there anything you dislike about it?
As such there is nothing I dislike about my hometown, but yes, the drainage system could be
improved. Whenever there is rainfall there is a lot of water logging on the roads.

Do you think you will continue living there for long time?
Yes, I think I would continue living there for a long time. I wish to go abroad for sometime for
my higher education, but would definitely like to come back here.


Do you like reading ?

Yes, I am an avid reader. I love reading various fiction and non-fiction books because I believe reading is not just a good source of knowledge but it keeps the person engaged and doesn’t allow the mind to wander here and there which keeps the stress level low.

What sort of books do you like to read ?

Well, I mainly read biographies of famous personalities because that way I get to know about the struggles and achievements they encounter in life but still manage to reach at the pinnacle. Hence, reading such books keep me motivated as I also have similar dreams of achieving great things. Additionally, I also love reading interesting stories for the sake of fun and entertainment.

Did you read when you were a child?

Yes, as a child I also had a habit of reading. I love reading story books and comics that were all popular in that time. My favourite of all time was the Harry Potter series, I have read all of them and it just takes me in that illusive world.


What is the decoration like in your home?

My house is built according to modern architecture but the decoration theme is somewhat traditional. We kept marvellous traditional handicrafts work such as mud and woodworks, weaving and embroidery, folk toys and statues. My mother and I are very fond of decorating the house. All these conventional decorating items look so beautiful and remind of the rich Punjabi heritage.

What kind of decoration do you prefer?

A well-blended transitional look that combines a mixture of modern and traditional design is all I prefer. Also, I prefer that the architecture must be built in a modern way with all the basic amenities but the decoration must be influenced by the native culture.

Do Indian people like decorating their homes?

Certainly, Indians are well known for their artwork and love decorating their houses according to their preferences.

The best eye-catching colour combinations to elevate the décor of my home would be complementary colours such as a combination of sea- green with white, green and purple. I would absolutely love to get the walls painted with these colours with a ceiling made of wooden.

Being Happy

Are you a happy person ?

Well, I would say not really. Though, I try to keep my spirits high most of the time still some things just make me unhappy.

What do you do to stay happy?

I believe a person remain happy by choice and not according to the circumstances hence I try to find happiness in little things such as getting new clothes for myself, it really uplifts me.

Can you stay happy all the time ?

I wish I could but it’s not possible actually to remain happy all the time. Man is a social animal who often gets displeased by the people surrounded with or the inner thoughts which disturb us.

How important it is to be happy ?

It is of utmost importance because happiness is not just a feeling it is an ultimate way to attain good health also. As it has been proven scientifically that the more happy one stay the longer and healthier life they perceive.

Getting up Early

Are you an early riser ?

Yes, I am a morning person. I get up around 6 in the morning to perform yoga or exercise and all these make me fresh hence I able to concentrate more on my pending works which I do in the morning. Also, getting up early helps me to manage my time in a better way.

What do you do when you get up early?

Well, first and foremost after getting fresh I go upstairs and perform yoga and some breathing exercise and it has now become my everyday routine. Later then, I do

Do you think it is important to have a daily routine?

Do you get up early on weekends ?

Did you have the same morning routine at an early age?

Do you want to change your daily routine in the future?


Have you visited a farm?

Well, I live in a city, so I get less chance to visit a farm, but I never miss it whenever I get the opportunity.

What kind of farm do you like?

Well, I like all kinds of farms as I love nature, so I like the fresh fragrance of the soil and plants in the morning.

 Do you think farming is important?

Farming is a necessity, just like air because food gives our body energy which produces through agriculture. Agriculture plays a critical role in the entire life of the Indian economy or can say it is the backbone of the economic system. It not only provides food but gives employment opportunities also.

 Did you do farm work when you were young?

As I said earlier, I love nature, so I did farm work when I was young. In my childhood, and when I get free time, I do farm work such as watered the vegetables and fruit plants. I also help my parents’ milking cows.

Trees & Plants

Do you like planting trees? Why or Why not?

Definitely, I love to be around greenery. For that, I take part in volunteer activities of the environment club of my society and an active member of it. We generally plant 100 trees once in a month as a team.

Have you planted trees ever?

Yes, as I said before being an active member of our society club from the last couple of years I have planted more than 500 trees so far. I spend most of the time doing these tasks.

What kind of trees people in your country plant ?

I am not pretty sure, but I think almost of all the types. The species of plant/trees widely common in my hometown involves medicinal plants such as basil leaves, aloe vera and some flowers and fruits. The technology has made them aware of the benefits trees and plants offer.

What kind of trees you plant?

I believe trees are friendly and indispensable part of our ecosystem that helps to sustain life. Thus there is no specific type I plant. But I prefer to plant fruits so that the passers can take advantage when they need.

Break/ Taking Rest

How often do you take a rest?

Well, in a day I take a rest for almost 1 to 2 hours after coming back to home from school/college as I feel exhausted from my all-day activities so just to re-energize myself I take a short nap.

What do you do when you are resting?

As I said I take a short nap sometimes while resting that’s the only way I feel completely refreshed. The other times, I watch my favourite web series because it helps me to get rid of my all-day fatigue.

How do you feel after taking a nap?

I feel really refreshed, re-energized and rejuvenated after taking a short nap nearly 4 to 5 pm. It makes me more ready to perform my routine tasks and do my studies.




Do you recycle?

Yes, I do recycle, it helps keep our surroundings clean because it is good for the environment which ultimately is beneficial for our health and surroundings.

Did you recycle when you were a kid?

Yes, as a child but very little because I was not much aware of which products can be recycled. But I remember giving my waste notebooks to my mother so that they can give it to (kabbadiwala) to get it recycled.

Will you continue recycling?

Yes, I will. I think recycling is a very good habit. There are lot of things that can be recycled instead of just getting it dumped it can do other useful jobs like plastic bottles which do not decompose is used for planting small plants outside homes or balconies as a piece of décor.

What kind of things you recycle ?

Generally, the papers and waste boxes, things made of tin or aluminium can also be recycled and things made of plastic I re-use it my way by which it does not harm the environment.

Fruits & Vegetables

Do you like fruits and vegetables? OR Do you like to eat fruit(s) and vegetables?

Certainly, Both fruits and vegetables are part of my daily diet and I consume both a lot.

How often do you eat fruits and vegetables? OR Do you often eat fruit(s) and vegetables?

I would say daily. Consuming vegetable with bread is a staple food of my region and we consume it on daily basis twice or thrice a day but fruits I do not take it very often.

What kind of fruit do you prefer?

I prefer to eat seasonal fruits and vegetables because I believe they are fresher whereas non-seasonal fruits are preserved by freezing, canning and dehydrating which degrade their quality and kill essential nutrients.

What fruit(s) (and /or vegetables) do you especially like to eat?

Well, I like all of them but majorly my choice is banana and kiwi in fruits and cabbage and carrot in veggies.

Do you like the same fruits and vegetables today as you did when you were a child?

I as a child was very reluctant towards eating fruits and veggies and my choice was more towards the unhealthy means of eating but I have a faint memory about being very choosy towards food.

Is it easy(or, convenient)to buy fruit and vegetables where you live?

Yes, it is very convenient to buy fruits and vegetables from our local area. There are lots of street and roadside vendors that sell these items.

Do you think people should eat more fruits and vegetables?

Definitely, consuming more fruits and vegetables has become a need in the present time where unhealthy ways of eating are soaring and less physical activities giving birth to new diseases.

Would you ever grow your own vegetables?

Certainly, I love to take organic things and would love to grow some green veggies in the backyard of my house when I will have a bigger house but right now, there is not enough space in my house


Do you like text messaging?

Yes, I prefer texting over calling because I feel texting is the most convenient way to say something to someone. Messaging can be delivered according to our suitability of time and others can read it according to his schedule. However, for urgent tasks I generally make calls.

Do you prefer sending or receiving messages?

Both, if I am sending a text message to say something then there are high chances that I get a revert through message.

In what situations, it better to call than to drop a message?

Well, there are several situations when dropping a message should be avoided such as in urgency, or when greeting someone for their birthday or anniversary we should make a call as this will help to make the other feel more special and it strengthens the relationship.


Do you have a habit of saving money?

Honestly, not really, I spend almost everything I earn or get from my parents. I am a spendthrift.

Do you think it’s important to saving money?

Certainly, it’s really very important to save money because money saved can be used for handling emergencies such as an illness or accident.

Do you think parents should teach children to save money?

Definitely, it has become crucial for parents to teach about savings because that’s how they will get to know about money management and saving few bucks.

Do parents give pocket money to children in your country ?

Yes, it is an old trend in India to give pocket money to children in India.


Are you a patient person ?

Yes, I am quite patient because I do not easily lose my temper when things do not go the way I expect them to be. I accept the situation positively.

Are you more patient at home or work ?

It would be right to say at home as I feel mostly calm and composed at home but while working I sometimes lose my patience when I do not get the desired results.

When was the last time when u lost patience?

I roughly remember it was when 2 months back I and my friend had plan to go to the next city for an interview. I reached on bus stand early in the morning but she kept me waiting for an hour or hour that’s when I lost my patience and scolded her over the phone loudly.

Were you patient when you were young ?

I have a fade memories of my childhood time and I didn’t clearly remember after my traits but my mom usually says that I was an annoying child and very demanding too. I keep on asking for something until I get it which shows that I was completely impatient.

Window View

What scenery can you see from the window of your room?

When I looked out from the window of my room I can see a garden located at the backside of our home. It is a beautiful garden and just looking at it I experience peace.      

Do you like to watch the scenery from your window?

Obviously, looking at the greenery is always recommended because it gives a different sense of positive vibrations. It makes me feel close to nature and experience a soothing touch.

Do you want to live in a house with beautiful window views?

Certainly, living in a place where you can see beautiful view from those little panes of glass window views would be a desire of many. I personally would love to have a window view of park, and the second of the beach is a mesmerizing experience.


Do you like studying science ?

Yes, I love studying science it is really an interesting subject. I believe whatever the possessions we have today is a blessing of science and there are many reasons to study this such as the study of nature, the human body, study of the universe etc. It’s all seems to be very interesting to me to read such things.

Did you study science in your primary or secondary school ?

As far as I remember science was a mandatory subject in the part of the secondary school curriculum where we were taught about the fundamentals of the anatomy of human body, the study of plants and animals and there were some chapters of space science as well and all these seemed to be very fascinating at that times but in primary school, there was no science.

Do you think it is important to study science ?

I would say it is the most crucial subject that needs to be studied in-depth not because as a subject but science is a means of living. Down the line, science improves analytical and problem-solving skills and makes one creative and practical.

Studying science is need of an hour it helps us in getting understanding of the world. All the scientific experiments and innovations are worth studying not just for knowledge but for fun also. Studying science keep one proactive and well aware of ‘why’ and “how”things for eg: why the sky is blue?  How starts twinkle?

Which part of science you find most interesting ?

I personally like studying physics because it gives the answers to the most realistic questions and keeps one engage when started to explore and study in detail. It has got some of the very amazing laws such as the law of gravitation, law of magnetism, etc and gives answers to all the real-life questions.

Crowded Places

Does your city/ town has lot of crowded places ?

Yes, my city has got various places like heritage market outside the golden temple, Lawrence road and the city area is mostly crowded throughout the year.

When was the last time you were in a crowded place ?

The last week I went to a shopping mall unknowingly that it was a public holiday that day and it was like a madhouse. There was no space to breathe properly, I felt suffocated and tried to escape myself.

When you were in a crowdy place but enjoyed?

Yes,  a month back there was a live singing program of my favourite singer Diljit Dosanjh and fortunately, I got 5 tickets of the event. I took my friends along but when we entered the place was bustling and the audience were shouting despite this I enjoyed being there.

Holidays and Places

What family holidays do you or does your family usually celebrate?

I usually celebrate the winter festivals as the weather is too good to perform all the customs. At that time, we have family reunions and do many traditional things such as making traditional sweets at home.

Do you like national holidays or the festival holidays?

Well, India is a land of festivals hence there are very few national holidays but we do have so many festivals to celebrate and it’s a good time to rejoice with kith and kins. Specifically, the festivals that come in winters most popularly lohri. I feel It’s only a special season which is all about enjoyment and celebrations.

Do you want to have more holidays nowadays?

Being a student, I would love to have more and more holidays or breaks. However, if I have too much free time, I will feel bored. For example, during long vacations, I’ll feel happy initially but then, I might feel like going back to my routine in order to have more structure in life.

Where would you go for long holidays ?

There are lots of good places to go here in my country. But I personally like going to hilly areas because once in a year I love to be in the lap of nature where I can be away from the city crowd and spend my time seeing those beautiful sceneries. It is also a chance not only to see the natural beauty but to learn the cultural differences.


Do u like your voice ?

My voice has always bothered me actually. I think that it is a little too high pitched and I wish that it was deeper. When I catch a movie, I get a bit jealous of actors with their strong, gravely voices. But I, am over that now. I am old enough now to accept the things about myself that I can’t change.

Has your voice changed much since you were younger?

Yeah, naturally, I don’t have a childish voice anymore like most people, my voice changed a lot when I went through puberty. That’s when I first became conscious of the way that my voice sounds. i doubt I ever gave it a second thought before it started to break and get a little deeper.

Does anyone in your family have a similar voice?

That’s not something, I’ve paid much attention to but yeah, I guess my brother has more or less the same voice as me. My dad’s voice is quite different, deeper. My mom of course has a very different voice. Hers is much softer and gentler, like most women. My grandfather had a unique voice, very kind and deep.

Have you ever listened to a recording of your voice ?

Yeah, all the time. I do a lot of online work that involves recording video and audio and I do all the editing myself so I listen to my own voice on recording every day.at first, it drove me crazy to listen to it and I just had to get used to it but now I am accustomed to it and it doesn’t bother me at all. I’d still rather listen.


Do you like eating cakes?

Yes definitely! I have a sweet tooth and cakes are my favourite kind of dessert. I like eating them occasionally during celebrations.

Do you know how to bake a cake ?

Not really, I have no idea about baking a cake. I do not possess good culinary skills but I have tried it once by watching a youtube video which ends up being a disaster. I think it’s not my cup of tea. Hence, I never tried again.

When do you usually eat cakes?

Occasionally, when it’s someone’s birthday or anniversary or any happy moment it has become a ritual to cut the cake. A celebration without cake seems to be incomplete.

What is your favourite kind of cake ?

My favourite cake flavour is Black forest but I also like fruit cake. I order the cake from the best bakery in my city i.e. Blue bakers. They offer the best presentation with unique designs with no compromise on the taste. They are specialists in cake manufacturing.


Have you ever had a pet ?

Yes, I had. It is a dog named milkey. My brother brought it a few years back and we still have it.

What kind of pets do you like to have ?

Well, generally in my country people like keeping dogs. I do have a similar taste, I also prefer to have a dog as a pet because dogs are really adorable and very faithful. I believe they work as a stress buster and uplift your mood.

What kinds of pet are common in your country?

Well, as I said before, dogs are adored by most people but in India people also keep domestic animals such as cows, buffaloes etc. to get dairy products and also for the sake of income especially people who live in rural areas.