How to Get 8 Bands in IELTS ( 2022 )?

Well, getting 8 bands in IELTS is not that difficult as it is said provided you have done enough practice of all the four modules of IELTS. Are you planning to appear for IELTS examination in 2022, aiming for 8 Bands following tips would be of great help for the newcomers and repeaters as well.

10 Important points for 8 bands in IELTS Academic

  1. Practice each type of question asked in IELTS whether its Listening, Reading or Writing. Make sure you are well-versed with the techniques to handle different questions. For example: Keywords marking and elimination techniques in your IELTS reading. Map and Diagram labelling questions in listening.
  2. Planning before writing: Making a plan of ideas to write before writing (Task 2) along with useful collocations, suitable vocabulary is recommended as this will help you organize your ideas and writing a high score essay in given time constraint without editing or erasing.
  3. Practice enough Mock Tests from Official Cambridge books before appearing for examination will help you to gain that confidence on your Test day.
  4. Refer real Test material: Always use official IELTS material such as Cambridge Practice Test series so that you can have a track of your performance and avoid doing it from non-reliable sources.
  5. If you are not comfortable with face-to-face speaking, make sure you are practicing well using various speaking apps available on Play store or App store or with your mentors or peers who are preparing for the Tests.
  6. Know the criteria of assessment of Writing and Speaking to help improve your scores. Remember to give more time to Task 2 that has your 66 % of your overall score than Task 1 that covers 33% of marks in writing section.
  7. Be careful with minor mistakes you do while transferring your answers whether it is with spelling or writing that extra word that are not necessary. Make sure you revise the words you hear in Listening section for example homonyms such as odour or order, cell or sell.
  8. Develop your ideas well by reading lots and lots of content from internet, books, reading articles that interest you to help improve your level.
  9. Work on your weaknesses– whether it’s with vocabulary, spelling, time management or understanding. Get to know them and work on them during your practice sessions.
  10. Know your strengths: While doing practice test make a note of the question type that you find easy to do. For example: someone will find blanks easier than matching questions type. Listening is said to be one of the most scoring modules that increase your overall score hence practice well to get more in this module to have a high overall score.

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